Best Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Many people make a website for making money, and start his work on that but the main thing is site's traffic, Without traffic you cannot earn money from your website, The issue is, how to increase website traffic. Today we discuss the best ways to increase website traffic. So first of all create your personal account in the following social media sites, then copy your site post link and share with these social media sites.

How to Recover Facebook Account Password Full Guideline

Facebook is the most useful network of social media. Millions of people used Facebook for his social activities. Sometimes you forget your password and lost your Facebook account. So our topic on that problem, how to recover your Facebook account password with full guide. follow some useful steps for that.

How to Create Facebook Page and Group Full Set Up

Facebook is the world largest social media networks, Everyone join and connect to each other with the help of Facebook account. Facebook pages and groups best platform for share information with each others. In this article we'll discover how to create Facebook page and group with complete settings. Follow some steps for that.

How to Create Privacy Policy Page for Blogger Website

Privacy policy is provided detail about your site, like site content and site ads. It's very important for your blog/website. A lot of ads company first check your site privacy police, then approved your ads account. Today we teach you in this tutorial, how to create privacy policy page for your blog/website. So follow some steps for the tutorial.

How to Add Website in Google Analytics Account

Analytics is a google service used for website visitor tracking. With the help of this we track our site visitors and complete information about website. Today we discuss how to create google analytics account and how to add our website in google analytics account. For that follow some steps and add your website in google analytics.

How to Add Social Follow Widgets to blogger Website

Social media following widget is very important for your website visitors, With the help of this people can follow your social media activities. You can create the social media accounts and share your website post on it. Today our topic is, how to add social media follow widgets to blogger website. So follow the tutorial for adding your social media widgets and increase your site traffic.

Create HTML Sitemap Page for Blogger and WordPress

Sitemap is the list of our website all posts. With the help of sitemap, search engine is quick crawl your site links. There is two type of sitemap, first XML site map, second HTML site map. XML sitemap used only for search engine, and HTML sitemap used for visitor, with the help of this, visitor can see your all site post in one page. Our topic is, how to create one page HTML sitemap for blogger and WordPress website. Follow tutorial for making one page sitemap.

How to Create and Use Custom Robots.txt File in Blogger

Custom Robots.txt file is used for URL indexing. Actually with the help of robots.txt file you can allow and disallow pages and links in the search engine. It's very important for your blog/website. Today we explain how to create robots.txt file, and how to use in website. Follow the tutorial for making robots.txt file for your site.
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